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We will get back to “The Beast That Crouches At The Door” in a few days!  A hiatus was in order.

I stumbled across an article the other day that simply fascinated me.  Sometimes the simplest things escape our memories.  My friends – many of you know all of this I am sure, for you are much wiser and much smarter LOL!  For me, a glaring reminder and a fresh breath of remembrance of why I am where I am.

Considering where I am in my journey of life these days, I found it absolutely amazing, especially when shown in pictures.  I think perhaps I knew this but a refreshing never hurts us hehehehe….

Just think about this and the implication of the vastness and in-credulousness of the things of God.  Nothing is without purpose nor reason.  Nothing is beyond His hands in creation.  Nothing is done that he hasn’t rooted in His desired place in creation. And remarkably (I use that word because I can’t find one to express it any other way!) if you care to see you will find that Adam having been taken from the dust of the earth reflects God’s creation in the earth.  Follow the pictures and you will see.

The Human Heart

The roots of our living and breathing

Branches in our lungs


The earth’s circulation system

From the dust of the earth…….roots

How much do humans and earth look alike?  Our organs seem to be the same.  Both alive in a sense.  How much do we really resemble Earth and why?  Do you suppose God is showing us (if we care to look) our connection to the dust of the earth?  Where we came from….

Take a look at our blood system. Humans have veins; the Earth has its rivers which circulate all beneficial ingredients of the soil everywhere needed.   Humans have arteries and veins, like a tree has roots via which it is feeding itself. Take a look at how the complex system of a human heart’s circulatory systems looks very much like the root system of a living tree…     In the same way humans breathe by using their lungs, the Earth has trees which provide the necessary oxygen for its atmosphere. The analogy might seem somewhat misplaced, but who can really close his eyes in front of such a similarity?  Seriously……………………perhaps a purposeful similarity???

We are humans. Earth is our home. And as much as we are alive, so is Earth.  Modern biology is not able to provide an exact definition of the simplest term we all share: Life.  Science is a matter of definitions and axioms.  How can you not see that God is real and even in His creation shows us the truth?

Thanks for making me think Harmonia Philosophica!  Stumbled onto your site and while I can’t agree with all you present I am delighted you have made me think!