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I find this unbelievable almost. There have been 244 hits since the original March 15th post on this subject at the time of this writing. Every day there are more.  Original Post

Listed below is a sampling of the search terms used that landed people here.

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I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of hits but for this blog ( I don’t have a ton of readers) that is sizable.  It is 23.5% of the total reads of this blog.  So I am wondering why?  Why are people searching for this topic?  Why are people asking this kind of question? What is it that is causing people to seek information/answers on this topic? What are people seeing (I am assuming in the church) today that has made this in my opinion a fairly hot topic?

With all the twisting of scripture, deception, false prophesying – well you know the list goes on and on – found in the church today, I am excited to see there are a few who may be questioning?  There may be a few who are searching for truth.  There may be a few who are reading their Bible’s and comparing it to what they see.

Now I know these questions can come from a myriad of areas including money, sexual behavior, family issues, etc. but as I asked earlier WHY? What is happening?

Is it because people have forgotten (or never knew) how to be real based on Christ’s indwelling instead of self? Is it because the dividing line in our society between race, sexual orientation, belief systems, political parties, churches (oh you know the list is huge) is growing ever wider and more egregious? Is it because there are so many forms of “Christianity” out there that we are lost as to truth?

Or is it simply because we don’t know, trust and believe in the Word of God?  Is it simply because we are so self-centered, so me orientated that we have lost sight of the precious gift given us?   Is our world so blinded and deafened that we truly fail to see and know that others look at us (especially as believers) and base many of their spiritual decisions and sometimes life decisions on our spoken word and actions?

Let’s go back to the original post for a moment.

“Here is the beginning issue for me: Is my witness for Christ a counterargument for my own actions?  Am I practicing what I preach or claiming to live my life according to the Word of God without the heart and deeds that follow? Or, does what I preach show duplicity in my life because it is not what I practice?

Let’s turn this upside down.  Preaching what you practice speaks volumes before you even say a word……………………If you claim to have Christ as Lord of your life, if you claim to follow Jesus, if you claim you are a “Christian” you should be asking yourself what your life preaches. Is it consistent with the Word of God?”

A side note here:  over at Mkayla’s Corner there is an excellent post on the difference of today’s new terminology and thinking on being a Christian or a Christ Follower. That’s a whole other ball game!

More from the original post.

“Preaching what you practice is really a testimony to celebrate what God does through your life.  Preaching what you practice is preaching/ teaching with experience behind it.  Preaching what you practice pushes you forward to experience more of God, in order that there is more to preach/teach.

Scripture should always be preached but how much more effective will it be if we are living it out as we preach it?  We cannot do anything unless God does it through us, and if God does it through us and we live it, then it is scripture come alive. Scripture that is alive is easy to preach.”

All that was said on the first post.  On May 1 due to my surprise at the number of hits this post was getting I revisited this.  My question of how it was possible to preach what you don’t practice drew an answer (from me) of this: by doing it in your own strength, your own puffed up pride, and your own self righteousness, by doing it in a manner that says I don’t have to act the way I tell you to act.  So would the quote be better said Preach what you practice?

In both posts I referenced Matthew 23.  I highly recommend it be read and re-read and Jesus’ words “you are witnesses against yourselves” be stored in our heart and mind to be brought out and refreshed every time we open our mouths and every time we act.

I can assure you I am revisiting this in my own life.