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First – let me thank all of you who are following this series.  I wish I had time to individually thank all of you but at this moment I don’t.  You may not say anything but I know you are out there and I greatly appreciate it….haha.  Suffice it to ask – has your breathing gotten out of whack more than once here? Just kidding.

I am working on Part 1 Chapter 6 “Beauty and the Beast”.   Confession is good for the soul – a common phrase bandied about.  Doesn’t the Bible say that somehow too? Today I am confessing that this whole thing has me mind boggled.  At this chapter I have had to stop and do some serious studying of Eve.  Who she is, why she was created, what is her role, and many other small tidbits (and some not so small).  I have discovered that this study is no small feat, based on the Hebrew words of the Bible. This study has had to be inclusive of words we take for granted, words from a Hebrew understanding, and words that I never would have associated with Eve. I am extremely grateful to have discovered a series of studies that have been extremely valuable to me in this endeavor.  Dr. Skip Moen’s studies have helped me immensely.  Particularly from a Christian perspective. If you choose to delve into his word studies – I would advise you – be prepared to examine, discern, and question to know both wisdom and truth. Let the Holy Spirit be your teacher, your guide and most of all the one who allows you to exhale.

I find that often I am slightly mysterious in how I am saying things and I really don’t mean to be. It is simply that there is sooooo much.  So for a day or two I am taking a break to dig into some things and consider how best to digest what has been put in front of the listening and thinking portion of my brain.  I am not a scholar, I am not a scientist, and I am not a psychologist.  I am just a woman who wants to understand who she is and why God created her.  I am learning that God knew what He was doing.  I have said that often throughout the past few years, but never more so than today do I doubt that for a moment. Women are very unique, beautiful and purposeful creations directly out of God’s heart.  Believe that!

I may take the time to interject one more post before I start back up on the book.  There has been an interesting term that has come up in all of this study.  That term is redeemed marriage. And of all things it is tied to Jeremiah 31:22.  Great – now more studying, LOL!   I know, I know everyone is quickly flipping to that verse in Jeremiah and saying that has to do with the new covenant.  You’re absolutely correct.  It does.  But……..

And for those of you who already know all of this – kudos to you.

Stay tuned please – we will resume in a day or so.