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For all you music lovers out there I highly recommend this new artists first CD.  He is a young man from a very gifted family in our church.  I just got to hear the whole CD today and am thoroughly impressed.  My two favorite songs are This is My Prayer and Freedom.  According to Jason he wrote the first 7 songs on the CD.  You can get his music at CD Baby, Itunes, Amazon.com and other places.  Here is a blurb from his website  http://www.jasonschustermusic.com in November.

COMING SOON!!!!!  My LP titled “I Believe”  Release date is December 21st.  I will have them available for sale!  Contact me and let me know if you would like to order some copies!  They make great gifts!  It’s a 10 song album, containing all of my songs!

11/17/11 – Here’s the singles that I now have on iTunes, CDBaby.com, Amazon.com, and many other sites that I don’t even know about… LOL… THANK YOU for all the downloads on CDBABY.COM.  There were so many that I was rated number 9 for “I Believe” on their entire SITE!  That was AMAZING!  It’s still there, so feel free to go check that out!  Be sure to leave me any comments and reviews!  Specifically, nice ones… LOL… Thanks again.

Congrats Jason and may the Lord bless and use you in this ministry to others!

P.S.  His brother is a gifted drummer and can sing too!!!!!