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Charles Foster, an English Barrister, is the author of this book “The Jesus Inquest”.  I selected this book as my free book to review from Booksneeze thinking it would be an excellent read.  I am very interested in apologetics.  However, sad to say….no go.  I have tried many times to wade through this book.  Not only was it a very difficult read in that the layout of the book is hard to follow, I actually struggled to get very far in the book because of the simple fact of my faith.

Witness X and Witness Y are essentially in a debate in a courtroom seeking both to “prove” their side beyond a reasonable doubt. I get that.   His harsh criticism of other authors turned me off right away and as I struggled and struggled to read this book (I have had it for several months) I found myself offended often at the way he presented his case.  And as another reviewer stated so simply “The book seemed to be written from the perspective that everything should be able to be answered by natural means. In a book about a person dying and rising from the dead, some things can just not be explained in natural terms.”   At this point my question becomes “what is faith then”? Did it cause me to doubt my faith. No.  It made me realize that my faith is truly a heart matter, not logic and critical thinking.

It is easy to understand that Mr. Foster is admittedly not a believer that the Bible is the inspired Word of God simply by the way the book’s arguments are presented.  Mr. Foster is obviously a critical thinker and all things for him must come to existence solely by logic.  He misses much in this I think.

I quite frankly was surprised at the high reviews this book received.  It turned my brain to mush trying to make sense of the layout, let alone how the arguments were presented.  All of the notes are in the back of the book, not set up as footnotes.  This made it very difficult to track as you read.  Way too much flipping back and forth.  I could not get all the way through this book……..sad to say.
Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers at no cost to me for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.