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Why won’t this subject go away?

I haven’t written for awhile.  I guess that’s ok.  Spring is trying to be here and summer has to be coming at some point.  In between the rains I am spending most of my time getting gardens ready.  We are dealing with some other issues in our lives too that at times become quite time consuming. Often, these issues create the fodder for these posts, whether it is something in me that God must deal with or something in others that I pray they would see.

With that said, as I pop in here periodically to check things, I find that the Preach What You Practice posts are still getting tons of hits.  So to make it easier I have created a spot on the sidebar for you to follow these posts.  They are numbered in order of postings as I can’t seem to make them stay in order by date posted.  I tried!  Sorry about that.

I am working on post #5.  Hopefully I will finish it up in another day or two.  I never dreamed this was such a huge question in other people’s hearts and minds.  I continue to be amazed at the searches that show just what a big issue this is.  I thought it was just me LOL.

Blessings to all of you and I hope to be back writing again soon!