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Desecrate, Deceive, Distraction, Drama, Divine, Destiny, Diversion.

Destination, Discovery, Determination, Desolation, Devotion,

Delay, Disruption

In the last month the words listed above have been thrown my way in many different and various types of conversations.  I was beginning to think God laid open the dictionary (another D word) to this letter and was saying read.  So I am.  And what am I finding?  The Divine Destiny of our Devotion must not be swayed by desecration, deception, distraction, drama, diversion, desolation, delay or disruption but the discovery of our destination MUST be sought with determination.  Take that letter D!

I am going to add a word to the above list that has been rolling in my heart here in the last few days based on this list of words above and circumstances that have somewhat overwhelmed me lately.  That word is decision.

When we make a decision, whether it is what thickness of socks to put on in the morning, what comes out of our mouths, what car to buy, to the most important decision of all – giving our hearts and dedicating our lives to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we must make sure, absolutely sure that we understand what we are doing.

If we do not put on the right kind of socks to keep our feet extra warm we may find ourselves with the dreaded frozen toe syndrome.  If we are not careful and think before we speak our words may be devastating or at a minimum damaging to the one to whom we speak.  If we choose a color of car to purchase that defies our personality, we may find down the road that we are not enchanted with our purchase and depart from the delight of owning that new rig and driving it with pure enjoyment.

But then, there is the most important decision of all; that of eternal life or eternal damnation.  That decision to decrease our self, to diminish our dream of greatness, to die to self daily, to demolish the pride that we carry, to defeat the lusts of the flesh, to make a deliberate decision to follow Christ and to know deeply the love of the Father. To have no doubt that your life is not your own anymore, to have no dread of drudgery and defeat because living to follow and delight in Christ is all joy. How can you even debate that decision?  How can you defer or delay that decision to another day?  You will delude yourself if you dare to think that you will always have time.  By design you were born to worship the one and only Creator.  Despite your sin, despite your delusion you can do it on your own, despite your bedazzlement with what you think is your own ability to survive, despite your desperate attempts to believe because you are good you will have eternal life; until you find the salvation given freely by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior, you will never know freedom. To accept the Sovereignty of God, to accept His Son, Jesus Christ, into your heart, and to allow the Holy Spirit to fill you and help you discern the truth is the only decision you can make with complete confidence.

There are a lot of words in the dictionary that begin with the letter d.  I believe the most important word that begins with the letter D is decision.  Yours – for eternal life.