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“I am the Way, The Truth and The Life.”  John 14:6

The way IS clear and yet in our beliefs and defense of those beliefs we are worlds apart.  How can that be?  “Truth is relevant” is such a prevalent statement in the church at large today. Saving of the soul IS life to all who believe on Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  It is eternal life. Yet it is a choice.

In my previous post, which is a re-post from Christina’s blog she makes the statement, “If we loved people we would be concerned with the eternity of their soul.  We would take the time to know why we believe, and pray for opportunities to give an apologetic (defense) of the reason of our faith, in such a manner others would be presented with a living God and a choice.”

Choice: hmmmmm…………that can become our place of greatest distress.  We often “ride the fence” so to speak in all areas of our lives, more so in our knowing both why and what we believe than I think in any other area. With that comes the inability to defend why and what we believe.  Oh yes, we can throw out very pat answers.  But shouldn’t we be defining those answers by the Lordship of Christ, by the Sovereignty of God, and by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives?  Shouldn’t we get off the fence?

Every time I think of Jesus on the Cross, every time I am brought to remembrance of how great our God is, every time I see the smallest of miracles happen, I am humbled.  I often cannot even begin to put into words the power of the Cross.  I recognize my inability to express how deeply I am affected by the love of God for His son and for me  I become an emotional mess when a miracle is worked in my life – and then – oh yes then – I can shout to the rooftops a defense of my faith. And that being so, tells me I have much to learn.

Quoting Christina again, “

I believe the root reason they are crumbling when presented with the argument of the existence or need of God, by the anti-theists is they don’t know why they are saved, from what they are saved nor to whom they are saved.

That statement speaks volumes.  Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE.  Until someone is presented the way, given the choice to accept the truth they will not have life.  Eternal life.  It seems that there must be a better, or should I say maybe, a deeper sense of urgency present in our apologetic (defense) of our belief.  Not a how but a why! There seems to be a surface salvation evident in Christianity today that belies the truth of the choice we must make. If we cannot express rightly the need for God, or even the existence of God, how on earth (pun intended) can we possibly defend our own belief in that very thing?  I am definitely feeling the need to go back to kindergarten, lol.

There is one way, one truth and one life.  Lord I pray today that I may dwell richly in your word, that I may gain wisdom from your thought, and that I will be able to show both through my life and my words why I believe You are the way, You are the truth and You are the life. There is no reason to be worlds apart.