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My dear friend Christina posted this today on her blog Keenings. It is from a heart that loves people, loves the Lord, and desires that all may know Him.

The proper understanding of the love of God is crucial to our development as children of God, but I have begun to ponder the effectiveness of the message we are sending in regards to the saving of the soul.  What are we doing to further the maturity of those in our care? Are the congregants of our local assemblies able to give an answer to those who ask them the reason of their faith? Are we? 1 Peter 3:15-17.

In today’s world who are the “those”?  They are the Post Modernists, the emergent church, the new atheists, who declare truth is relevant  all paths lead to God, there is no real absolutes. There are the ever present cults who offer a better way, alternate lifestyle realities and the agnostics who just don’t care. There is post after post on the internet from these “new converts” who are leaving their faith, often of several decades, and becoming atheists. (Here is just one example.  ) I believe the root reason they are crumbling when presented with the argument of the existence or need of God, by the anti-theists is they don’t know why they are saved, from what they are saved nor to whom they are saved.   Would this mom have left her faith, if she had known it wasn’t what she did that mattered so much as who she was in God?  Who God was in her?  What she was really called to and why?  I have to ask what is our responsibility? What answer do we give to those who cry?  Those who are facing their own curtain of holes?   Love Jesus just because? Believe in God because I said so?  Love God and he will make you rich?  Believe in Jesus and you will have the best life now?   Does our life look so very different to the popular culture that it begs to be questioned by the unbelieving skeptic? Can we answer them in such a manner it fosters other questions and causes them to ponder the reason of their existence and the possibility of a Creator.   Are we gentle and respectful or dogmatic and unapproachable? Do we compromise the truth in the guise of staying in fellowship, or do we speak the truth in love, looking out for the souls of our fellow men? Do we love people? I think that is the real question. If we loved people we would be concerned with the eternity of their soul.  We would take the time to know why we believe, and pray for opportunities to give an apologetic (defense) of the reason of our faith, in such a manner others would be presented with a living God and a choice .
The Lord asked the question of the disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” The answer to this became the rock of revelation he would build his church on. The true foundations have not changed. The Christian church has somehow begun to build upon a rock other than the revelation of The Christ. The Son of The Father’s Love. The only Begotten Savior of the World. The Risen Lord and King.  The nature of sin, the necessity of the Cross, the truths of atonement, justification, sanctification, holiness….the person of Jesus.  Lord, save me from ever preaching another gospel, either with my words, and actions or my life, other than what you have declared as truth.    “I am the Way, The Truth and The Life.”  John 14:6

Simply music to my ears my friend.  He is the way, the TRUTH, and the life. You have taken the words that my tongue stumbles and twists over (even though I know what I want to say) and gave them order.  A true blessing to my life you are.