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John 13:34  A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

Quicken my soul, O Lord –

OH, that man endeavors to think of his knowledge about Christ and His love without one spark of love in his own heart.  Man, whose mind gets so puffed up and lays claim to knowledge of Christ and His love, yet never experiences the rich beauty it holds

IT is a knowledge with which love has nothing to do.  It grows as a noxious bubble of arrogance that gets pricked and explodes in dismay.

OUR lips can drink from the cup of sweetness or bitterness.  We have the ability to discern.  Yet empty dry words are all we can speak of the taste. A muted song we will sing.

OUR ears can hear the sound of truth from the lie of pride. Yet they only absorb haughtiness and repeat it. The deaf cannot hear the reality of the sound.  Our ears find only a sympathetic vibration.

OUR eyes see the beauty and become blinded by the glorious sunrise. We reach for the coolness of the shade. We seek a cocoon of protection from the flame. Darkness is where we choose to hide.

HIS mercy, compassion and love will cover and fill us. It becomes a steadfast, slowly deepening burn that finds its depths in our heart; a spark fanned into flame that consumes our heart, mind and soul.  Uncovering our eyes, opening our ears and allowing the song to be sung.

OUR words tumble endlessly singing songs of love from eternity’s beginning. Yet we know not: the emotion of reality and truth of eternity resides only in the true knowledge of our great King’s love.  Oh man, that you would love as you are loved………………………..