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John 16:27 For, the Father himself, dearly loveth you, because, ye, have dearly loved me, and believed that, I, from the Father, came forth:–– (EBR)

Quicken My Soul, O Lord

You made yourself known

As Beloved of the Father

Incomprehensible, the heart of His own

A cherished glimpse of wisdom

Of love beyond eternity


The Father loves!

What infinite emotion

What unfathomable depth of affection

What endless truth resides in

“God only knows the love of God”


In the infinite, immeasurable heart of the Son

Is received fullness of the Father’s love

Shared with those He calls His own

To come full circle back

To the infinite immeasurable heart of the Father


The Father loves the Son!

A communion above the heavens

Revealed in the heart of the Son

What love fills the Father’s heart

That our salvation is won


A revelation of perfect love

That finds no recognition in our heart

Of a Father who sent His Son for us

Of a Son who reveals His Father to us

A union eternal, unequaled


Stirred to remember the love of our Father

Stirred to remember the love of His Son

To rejoice that THEIR love rests on us

Stirred yet to the depth of such knowledge

Love, the eternal bond of Father and Son


Shall the Bride be numbed to the glory of Her Beloved

He whom exceeds every other Beloved

He whom the Father loves

The Son Born of the Father’s love

To Die……………..