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“I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever.” Psalm 89:1

Quicken my soul, O Lord


Surrounded with your mercy

Mercy for my soul

The times and seasons

When all your mercy

In both provision and grace

Seem hidden from my eyes

A thorny path in the world

A trying road in the soul

Tho’ we see little…….

We are embraced by your mercy

For your mercy endureth for ever


Like Elisha’s servant

A mountain bound by horses and chariots of fire

Angels of God round about us

Yet our eyes are held

We cannot see….

Our infirmity, our weakness

Arrests the shower of Your mercy

As a parched field captures falling rain

Infinite is your mercy

Free as the rays of the sun or the breeze of the air

Creation testifies of your mercy

To eyes anointed to see

A harmonious voice cries

Your mercy endureth forever


Mercy rains humble and meek

Mercy overwhelms my spirit

Melts it into obedience of faith

Raising it up in tenderness of love

My soul is favored with sweet discovery

My heart becomes softened

My spirit rises anew….

No cross too heavy, no trial too hard

No path of suffering, no sorrow to deep

Love and obedience attend each other

As the shadow waits upon the sun

I will sing of your mercy for ever

For Your mercy endureth for ever

and ever