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What craziness has invaded our lives over the past few weeks!  God has always, is still and I know will always continue to amaze me.

In the middle of March I put a post on here about practicing what you preach.  I did a couple of revisits of it because I was surprised at the hits it drew.  It, along with the other two, continues to draw daily hits. My heart hurts for the people who are searching for answers in that area.  I truly know what that feels like.  Yet, that original post is, was, and continues to be FOR ME.

I am facing something physically that has and will continue to put me smack dab in the middle of doing exactly that:  practicing what you preach or preaching what you practice.  LOL!  I have had a multitude of reactions to this news we have recently received.  From, I simply rebuke that to oh you poor thing and everything in between.  It has made me realize so many people in my life truly don’t know who I am.  I haven’t done a very good job of living my faith. Here is an excerpt from the original post that has been speaking to me over and over in the last 24 hours:

“Let’s turn this upside down.  Preaching what you practice speaks volumes before you even say a word.  Who you are, what you do speaks very loudly about your character.  If you claim to have Christ as Lord of your life, if you claim to follow Jesus, if you claim you are a “Christian” you should be asking yourself what your life preaches.  Is it consistent with the Word of God?  Is it consistent period, or do you have one face for one person and another face for another.  Do you present a face period?  Read it again.  He says in verse 3 “for they say (preach) and do not do (practice)”.

Romans 2:21 asks us a question.  “ You, therefore, who teach another, do you not teach yourself?”  Do you preach like a house of fire, quote Scripture after Scripture, impress many with your command of the Word of God yet contradict it all by failing to apply all your wisdom and knowledge to your own lifestyle?  How is it possible to preach and not practice? By doing it in your own strength, your own puffed up pride, and your own self righteousness.   By doing it in a manner that says I don’t have to act the way I tell you to act. So would the quote be better said:  Preach what you practice?  If we do that and we are honest with ourselves, then many of us would not preach or teach.

Preaching what you practice is really a testimony to celebrate what God does through your life.  Preaching what you practice is preaching/ teaching with experience behind it.  Preaching what you practice pushes you forward to experience more of God, in order that there is more to preach/teach.

Scripture should always be preached but how much more effective will it be if we are living it out as we preach it?  We cannot do anything unless God does it through us, and if God does it through us and we live it, then it is scripture come alive. Scripture that is alive is easy to preach.   In the end it is important to preach what we practice, to have living faith that is guided by the Word and spoken through the Word, yet backed up by Christ that “liveth” in me.”

I intend to walk this out preaching what I practice. I intend to celebrate what God does through my life. I intend to embrace the experience he has for me in this and I intend to experience more of Him that I might have an even greater testimony than before be it the best or the worst.  I intend to live it out as I tell it/teach it and to some even preach it! My faith is guided by the Word of God and I can do no less than try to make my life show that “Scripture is alive and easy to preach”.  For His glory I can do no less.

I challenge you: make this your life.  I am certainly going to try to.

Please note I won’t be updating this blog for a few a short period of time.  Don’t leave me, I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!