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First let me say this.  We are all fools.  No matter what we think we know, how we think we act so right when hurt, or spout off at the mouth of love.  We are fools.

Our Father’s love for us is indescribable. And the power of forgiveness through Him and that love is incomprehensible. There is no power so fragrant, so sweet tasting, so divine that can match forgiveness asked for and given IN His love; forgiveness that brings healing and peace; and forgiveness that lets us begin anew.

I was brought to my knees today in remembrance of the forgiveness of my sins.  The love my Father has shown by sacrificing His son, and the hope and mercy of His eternity given as a gift of His love only serves to confirm in my heart that the God of all grace, all mercy, all justice,  all compassion, and all truth is sitting on the throne. He forgave us – how can we not forgive each other.  We wound one another easily, we turn from each other easily, yet how hard we find both asking for and receiving forgiveness.

Christ died in order that we may be forgiven. Christ resurrected brings us our hope and assurance that we are forgiven.  Christ in us enables us to live forgiven!

Thank you dear friend, precious sister and cornerstone of my heart for bringing this to remembrance today.