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Dawning of voice

Wind whispers “I am here”

Hear, see, feel the power

Brokenness rising

Heights seen yet unknown

Midnight praise seeks my sleep

Worship yearning, burning desire

Hurt, deep darkness my soul’s companion

Rising, rising white moon of pain

Shattered, hiding places revealed

inside the brokenness of loss

My savior, Oh Lord, sear my spirit

Quiet the rising and set me free

Mahogany covers the heart of worship

Hidden in groves of grief

Sorrow covering tears of release

Shame a muted rainbow of blues

Black amber extinguishes the flame

Streets of sorrow the path we tread

We miss you dear Lord

Eyes scan the horizon searching

Seeking deeper understanding and gain

Your breath fills the air

Surrounding us in grace

We worship you, oh how we worship you,

Midnight praise becomes our release

Hearts of worship silenced

Amber mourning our cover as

We seek Your face

Keeper of still life

Voices silent held at bay

Quietly hearts lift the velvet cover

Finding You in this place

Wind whispering, “I am here