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In the midnight silence I sense

Your breath rising and falling gently at rest

Compassion for the pain in your life

Fills my heart

And I hurt for you

I feel the fear of failure you possess

I feel the fear of loss you live under

Tears of pain I hold

And I weep for you

Tears of gentle grief that you bear fear

Tears of regret that I too disappointed you in times past

Tears of gratitude that you love me

Tears of joy that you delight in pleasing me

Tears of pain I carry for you in secret

How do I make you believe

In just knowing

How much I love you

I remember the stories told

I remember the anger revealed

I felt the hurt pour out and

I see the confusion of why life was as it was

The questions that crossed through the depths of your mind

The desire for just being who you are

And giving life to the rise of compassion

In the glimpses of time gone past

The new creation of each day

Alerts me to the growing move

Of hurdles being soared over

Of confidence gaining ground

Of a great movement inside

That sanctions a release of you

And all that you believe in

There is none that can move you

Like the move of God

None that can shake you

Like the trembling of God

I awoke one night and looked over at my precious sleeping husband and out of me came this prayer in the form of a poem.