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In God’s name I beseech you let prayer nourish your soul as your meals nourish your body. Let your fixed seasons of prayer keep you in God’s presence through the day, and His presence frequently remembered through it be an ever-fresh spring of prayer. Such a brief, loving recollection of God renews a man’s whole being, quiets his passions, supplies light and counsel in difficulty, gradually subdues the temper, and causes him to possess his soul in patience, or rather gives it up to the possession of God.-Fenelon

To be nourished in prayer is to fill your very being with the promises of God.  It’s all there in His promises. The touch of His hand, the sound of His voice, the feel of His breath, the scent of His love, the taste of what is good in Him. “Ask, and you shall receive”, He tells us.  “You have not because you ask not”, He tells us.  Whether we are agonizing a burden before Him or simply glorifying His name in prayer, He answers the need.  We are nourished and given strength until the next moment.

To nourish us is to encourage us, to reassure us, to nurture and feed us, to cultivate the seed He planted in us.  We grow in prayer because we are fed by His Word.  No other sustenance can satisfy!