Job 11:13  “If you would prepare your heart, And stretch out your hands toward Him;

Preparing our hearts to come before the Lord. How often do we NOT do this? We frequently take the time each day to come before Him in prayer, but most often it is in the hustle and bustle of our day, one more item on the day’s agenda.  How often do we take time to prepare our hearts for prayer?  I know I am guilty of this daily.  I know I should spend time preparing my heart for prayer and then time in prayer, and yet…….

The dishes need done, the laundry needs done, the dogs need fed, I am not done painting and texturing the bedroom, I need to go the store and on and on.  The business of our world creates a vacuum in our time that steals precious moments that should be spent preparing our hearts.  Are you guilty of this too?

Webster’s 1828 dictionary gives one of the definitions of discipline as follows:

6. In ecclesiastical affairs, the execution of the laws by which the church is governed, and infliction of the penalties enjoined against offenders, who profess the religion of Jesus Christ.

Time spent in preparation for prayer and our time in prayer is the most valuable thing we can do in our lives.  It takes discipline.

“Infliction of penalties enjoined against offenders” – think about that.  Are we penalized by our lack of discipline in our prayer life?  The penalty is not that our prayers aren’t answered. The penalty is the loss of precious time of communion with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Take time today and prepare your heart. Confess and repent of your sin, quiet your soul and seek Him.  It’s really simple if we only discipline ourselves to it.

Pro 16:1  The preparations of the heart belong to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.