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I found a quote in one of my journals the other day and unfortunately I have no idea who it is by.  So to that person I ask you to forgive me for posting it without attributing it correctly.  It just has always spoken volumes to me about women.

“When a strong woman weeps, the tears come from the deepest, darkest corner

of her heart.”

Is this not one of the truest statements you have ever heard. I was one of those strong women for years and years and years.  I have only in the last few years (as I entered true middle age) learned to be a gentle woman and have found it amazing that my tears are gentle too.  I believe that when I learned to trust in others (especially my Father in Heaven) and to let others love me for who I am (especially my Lord and Savior) that I didn’t have to be that strong woman I was for so many years. And in so doing that, I have no deep dark corners in my heart to hide things.  The bitter, broken weeping of those years over children, a failed marriage, mistakes I made and all those things that hurt a womans heart now come as gentle stream of raindrops, soothed by my Father’s love and wiped away by my Savior’s hand.

Now I look at my life and ask:

How is my life framed and by who?      And I love the answer.

More later – This one will be a continued……………..